MANY LIFETIMES by Denys & Joan Grant Kelsey


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Those who have long memory (as distinguished from far memory, one of Joan Grant's parapsychical gifts) will not have forgotten her Winged Pharaoh, the book which came out of her recording sessions with her subconscious and/or other identity some two thousand years before. Here alternating with her present husband, a psychiatrist for whom she ""made reincarnation a reality,"" she writes about various manifestations of the supra-physical body. Dr. Kelsey became interested in all of this not only through Miss Grant, but also through his work as a therapist, exorcising neuroses, pain, etc. and often using hypnosis as a technique. The book has a rather spotty continuity, deals with aspects of sensory perception, with children, with apparitions (including a tenanted coffin in the living room with a mobile corpse), and a final chapter with Ray who was their friend, and her death from cancer, and how ""easy"" it was ""to cross the river"" which figured in her terminal dreams. Remembering many lifetimes here, the Betty books, Bridey Murphy, etc., one is reminded not only of the great attraction, as well as great reassurance, these books offer, and one of the persuaders here is the matter of fact conviction with which authors Grant and Kelsey write. We believe, we believe, we believe, it could be successful.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday