GARA-YAKA by Desmond araday


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An appealing heroine of the African bush, Gara-Yaka is a cheetah, pet of Desmond Varaday, who was warden of a private reserve in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. Varaday found and raised her after her mother was killed by Mulembe, the great and terrible crocodile who meets his own end at the close of this book in the coils of python, spewing treasure that would assure Gara-Yaka's future...A book in which the author takes action and danger for granted is full of the drama of the wilds, where the balance of nature must be preserved by man. In fulfilling his duties, Varaday had to protect animals from poachers, human and canine, and to reverse his role and hunt elephants who plundered native villages. He had narrow escapes from elephant and lion himself; watched out for his growing pet as she made her way in the world that brought enmity with two lionesses, and the love of her own Romeo (she returned to Varaday after her bush honeymoon to whelp). As one walks the preserve with Varaday, one comes to know the denizens, their dramas and destinies. Photographs...A walk on the wild side, Disneyesque in its extreme encounters.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1964
Publisher: Dutton