HAWK AMONG SPARROWS by Desmond Hawkins


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A very quiet, tempered piece of caricature, in the story of the Sparges, living a ""very private, undistinguished and soporific"" existence in a small English town, and of the stranger in their midst. Mrs. Sparge, blowsy ex-chorus girl, still confident of her charms, the husband a dull nonentity, a pathetic, gawky Ellen, niece and maid of all work -- and in contradistinction, a boarder, representing the outer world, the hawk among the sparrows, object of envy and curiosity. In tracing the sordid story of each vieing with the other for the attention of the man who wants none of them, Hawkins has done an astute piece of satire. He has a shrewd talent for singling out the bungling, petty foibles of a group of mediocrities. Can't see a wide market for this, well done as it is.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1939
Publisher: Knopf