HELP FOR THE OVERWEIGHT CHILD by Dewey & Jurgen M. Wolff Lipe


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How to improve eating habits, make exercise more appealing, and (less thoroughly) cover the psychological front: sound suggestions for helping children lose weight. After identifying the social and physical penalties of obesity, the authors discuss the contents of a balanced diet (the standard food-group basics) and maintain that parents can help children past the lures of sugars and carbohydrates. Since many overweight children eat no more than others but exercise less, increasing the amount of activity can make a difference: non-competitive sports are good starters. Children can also try some of the behavioral techniques which adult books recommend--eating slowly, for example--and they can learn to plan and control snacking: author Lipe's six-year-old prefers carrots to cookies. Parents can also offer non-material incentives, and although a few of the ideas offered here seem inappropriate or feeble, each household can come up with more personalized alternatives.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1978
Publisher: Stein & Day