LEONIE by Diana Delmore


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Agreeably paced, pleasantly predictable Regency romance--from the author of Anthea (1983). Leonie de Montbarey, just ousted from her post as governess in the late Lord Linton's household, discovers that her French-ÉmigrÉ parents (recently deceased) weren't her real parents at all, but foster parents! Her real mum, who died in childbirth, was evidently a Lady--though the real parents' names remain cloaked in mystery. So Leonie's in rather a tizzy as she finds new lodgings away from the Linton manse. (Nasty Lady Linton was afraid that young heir Robert would lose his head over lovely Leonie--or even marry the chit!) And she soon has a new job too: suave Comte de Morville appears, asking Leonie to teach ladylike ways to his ""niece"" Denise, whom he has rescued from low-life foster parents. But why does Morville not seem to mind when Leonie fails to make sow's ear Denise into a silk purse? Because he has (heh heh!) Other Plans--the shocking details of which are eventually revealed by Denise. So once again Leonie is in flight, aided by arrogant stranger/friend Jeremy Deveril--who brings her to the household of his bubbleheaded sister, Lady Caroline. All is jolly there. . . till the old villains reappear, as does unwanted suitor Robert Linton. And things then get hectic along the usual lines--with a ball, bloodline revelations, a bouncing to Gretna Green, plus a kidnapping (or worse) in the planning. Notwithstanding this flurry at the finale: a relative minimum of plot tangles and dangles, with most of the focus on the dutiful, decorous, long-suffering heroine. B+ fluff.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1984
Publisher: Walker