SWEET LIES by Diana Hammond


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Tension among the flaky international cinema set--with some convincing and careful attention paid to the craft of film-making. Why is this particular group of artistes working on a stinker of a project called Lover and Clowns? Brilliant French director Trig≤re and aging (but still potent) Italian actress Maroga need the work; Baker, the American star, hardly a favorite at home, needs the glitter of performing for Trig≤re; and young British rock idol Joss wants a break into something fresh. But then the filming, stalled in southern France, is moved to a tacky ski resort in Switzerland because producer Ian, traveling on thin air and credit, has made a deal with the resort owner. So the actors, on edge, grouse and hell around, have sex, quarrel, have sex, drink, and have sex. Beautiful Djuna, unhappily married to Baker, clicks into harmonious real passion with Joss; Baker prefers iron Lily, his agent, who nurses his impotence; Trig≤re uses and then tenderly accepts young American Kat, an apprentice, who has her own magic-mattress moments with Joss; and Trig≤re and Maroga couple in affection and respect, but Maroga will soon be deep in her cups because of a lost, unworthy love. At the beginning of the book, first-novelist Hammond warns that a number of the cast and crew will die in a helicopter crash and, surprisingly enough, you'll care who lives and dies. Like a good B feature at the Bijou--firm and, in spite of all the trashy goings-on, moderately involving.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1979
Publisher: McGraw-Hill