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Three Los Angeles women ""of a certain age"" survive their single status largely through their friendship--in this successful, engaging follow-up to Confessions (1989). Cassie is a gynecologist/obstetrician whose husband recently left her for a younger woman. Eve, a successful real-estate agent who's worked her way through several husbands, advises Cassie to forget the creep and find somebody new. Meanwhile, dreamy Nona, whose beauty and wealthy background have failed to make up for a bad case of bulimia and a neurotic clinginess that scares men off, maintains her faith that a Prince Charming waits in the wings for each of them, ready to whisk them away from their dutiful attendance at singles bars and conversations that dwell obsessively on men. Though the three friends depend on one another to get through the lonely evenings, disastrous one-night stands, and family and health crises, each of them holds back key bits of her past--truths that, over time, emerge. Eve must forgive herself for the suicide of her second husband's First wife. Nona must deal with the fact that her powerful father sexually abused her. Cassie must admit to the other two that she's fallen for her gardener and dreams of settling down. Salvation lies not in marriage or romance, of course, but in each woman's gradual realization of what strength lies at her core--and of what she needs, really, to survive and thrive. Captivating dialogue and richly drawn characters: a memorable entertainment that should attract a loyal following.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1990
Publisher: Bantam