WOMAN TIME: Personal Time Management for Women Only by Diana with Mary Ellen Moore Silcox

WOMAN TIME: Personal Time Management for Women Only

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The only advantage of this book over other time-management tomes is that it combines tips about home and office, topics usually handled in separate books. Better, though, two top-notch treatises that handle each area in detail; this continually seesaws back and forth, and never approximates the depth of either a full business treatment (such as the recent Manage Your Time, Manage Your Work, Manage Yourself, p. 749) or a home and child-care manual (Gloria Norris and JoAnn Miller's The Working Mother's Complete Handbook, 1979). Time-management consultant Silcox rather blandly encourages women to relinquish the traditional traps of trying to please others (via the Superwoman image, perfectionism, inability to say no) and, in short, to assert themselves. By: networking; insisting on not being kept waiting (my time is valuable too, etc.); discouraging drop-in visitors or long phone calls at the office; delegating tasks to coworkers and family alike. The crux of the plea is similar to that of other books on the subject: establish basic values (""quality-of-life values""), set up short- and long-range goals to meet them, list and follow priorities, swear by the time log. But since all this seems to have been jotted down pretty much free-flow, and since the all-important daily details are largely missing, most readers will find their organizational inclinations aroused but not satisfied by this effort.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1980
Publisher: Wyden--dist. by Harper & Row