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A WIZARD OF MARS by Diane Duane


From the Young Wizards series, volume 9

by Diane Duane

Age Range: 14 & up

Pub Date: April 1st, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-15-204770-2
Publisher: Harcourt

One of finest current writers of speculative fiction pays loving homage to its Golden Age in this ninth title in the Young Wizards series. Kit, Nita and their companions are recuperating from the Pullulus event by concentrating on their individual magic projects (Wizards at War, 2007). For Kit that means Mars, the planet that has fascinated him all his life. When surveying wizards awaken an ancient spell, Kit is sucked into a legendary Martian past, threatening both his own identity and the entire System; Nita, meanwhile, faces an agonizing conflict between destiny, duty and heart’s desire. Duane’s worldbuilding gleams with crystalline precision, a-glitter with lapidary characterization. Mundane dilemmas integrate smoothly with world-shaking crises, shot through with sparkling humor, and space-opera adventures resolve upon the subtle ethical interplay between right choices for wrong reasons, wrong choices for right reasons and all the shades of gray in between. With its large cast and elaborate back story, probably a poor entry point to the series, but for its many fans, an eminently satisfying addition. Best of all, unresolved subplots promise number ten is on the way. (Fantasy. YA)