FEAR NO MORE by Diane F. Hailparn


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According to psychotherapist Hailparn, at least 22 million Americans suffer from fears and phobias ranging from quirky, superstitious impulses to paralyzing panic. She believes fearful people are especially sensitive, highly imaginative, creative, and eager to please. "The problem is that you take the ball and run with it! Not only are you aware of others, but, alas, a bit too concerned with what they may think and say about you." Analysis is of limited use to the phobic, she says, for uncovering the origins of an irrational fear will not eliminate it. Step-by-step reordering of expectations in fearful situations, elaborate praise for each small victory, and special coddling will. "Imagine yourself being comforted by someone who would accept you, fears and all. Think of what you wanted to hear when you felt frightened as a child, and say those things now." she advises. Scores of examples of garden-variety and exotic phobias flesh out the slim and handy book, which basically promotes simple behavior modification, relaxation techniques, good diet ("avoid caffeine") and exercise to beat back irrational fears and phobias.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1989
ISBN: 312-02622-6
Publisher: St. Martin's
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