LIFE IS VICTORIOUS! by Diane Kennedy Pike


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Any inspirational value that might lie in Diane Kennedy Pike's journal of bereavement is much diluted by the self-absorbed documentation of both the circumstances surrounding Bishop James Pike's death and Mrs. Pike's new dedication to something called the ""love Project"" which she operates with her current spiritual partner Arleen Lorrance. The author charts her grief as it was experienced by her Higher Self--who attained new planes of understanding through dream revelations--and the Little Self who grappled, successively, with numbing shock, depression, and sexual frustration (the last, until ""I gave myself the gift of experimentation""). Later, Jim's own presence was felt in dreams and there was a direct sign when on the very morning of her memorial journey to Israel, the author awoke to find her bedroom slippers had been moved during the night. Everything from Rolfing to seances--but especially Kreis and Pattie's Up From Grief--seems to have been of some help; nevertheless, one can only read the stilted locutions as painful evidence of still blocked emotion. You might want to give yourself, and Mrs. Pike, the gift of compassion and approach this with minimal expectations.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Simon & Schuster