SEARCH: The Personal Story of a Wilderness Journey by Diane Kennedy Pike

SEARCH: The Personal Story of a Wilderness Journey

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Written seven weeks after Bishop Pike's death, this is a fuller (sometimes fulsome--many ""Sweet-heart""s and ""Darling""s) account of their intended short visit to the Qumran site to look it over or as Jim said ""to drink it all in."" Before long, as the car got stuck, there was nothing to drink (except his urine) and two bottles of Coke and she walked away from the canyon to find help--after ten hours, some Arabs. Most of the book however deals with the physical search for him and her attendant psychical soundings: that old friend Arthur Ford had a vision that he was still alive; the English medium Mrs. Twigg only had ""bad feelings about it""; and Mrs. Pike had an extensive prefiguration of iris death, on a ledge, before the body was discovered. Much of this is to be expected since she shared his experiences in The Other Side, following the suicide of his son, along with the above-mentioned people. And in writing that book which anticipates the audience for this one.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1970
ISBN: 1556353251
Publisher: Doubleday