EAT! by Diane Paterson


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What distinguished Paterson's The Biggest Snowstorm Ever (KR, 1974) was the uncloyingly cozy down-to-earth joyousness of the family romp. This ethnic mama (and, non-sexistly, papa) joke is a far more stylish and technically finished affair, with the plump parents and child bloated into campy caricatures who are forced on you in flattened zoom shots where a vacant face, or a rounded middle holding a platter piled high with spaghetti, fills and crowds the tiny page. This treatment certainly suits the subject -- a mother and father pushing food on a little girl who obviously doesn't need it, and it's hard to flip through the book without sharing the feelings of a victim of force feeding. Highly successful then at its own game, with a humorous/trick ending that makes the point, but we prefer the simple satisfactions of the Snowstorm family.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1975
Publisher: Dial