HEY, COWBOY! by Diane Paterson


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The looming, claustrophobic closeups that were basic to Paterson's Eat! and Smile for Auntie can be simply cute in Hey, Cowboy!--when they zoom in on the little cowboy's bright-red, face-obstructing ten-gallon hat. But they also shove viewers into the sibling squabble that transpires between the cowboy, riding his horse (Grandpa), and a jealous older sister who quickly dons a feathered headband and insists on a turn on the horse. The struggle ends, more or less, when Grandpa decides it's his turn. Meanwhile the kids' antagonistic jostling and disregard for Grandpa is realistically strident but little more than a moment of home-movie veritÉ.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1983
Publisher: Knopf