CHAMELEON WAS A SPY by Diane Redfied Massie


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Chameleon, who likes to change color, plays mischievous tricks on his mother. ("" 'Chameleon!' she would call next to him. 'Where are you?' "") After seeing him perform, you'll agree with the board members of the Pleasant Pickle Company that Chameleon is just the spy they need to retrieve their stolen secret formula from the rival Perfect Pickle Company. To make sense of what follows, readers have to accept that neither company can go on making the pickles in question without that particular scrap of paper headed ""secret formula""; but once they do, they can go on enjoying Chameleon's antics as he is caught at Perfect Pickle with the formula, accidentally bottled up in a pickle jar, exposed in a supermarket where the discovery brings scandal down on the company, and roundly praised by his employers at Pleasant when, performing his own feat of body language, he summons up the crucial missing word ""crinkleroot juice"" from under several other layers of camouflage on his back. Silly, but sprightly.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell