TRUCK SONG by Diane Siebert


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A ballad of over-the-road trucking, in effect--mostly a sing-song, as bland and featureless as the illustrations. But, as the pages turn, this does begin to take on the rhythms, even the monotonous, rolling rhythms, of cross-country truck travel. ""At the truckstop/truckers meet/for road talk/and/a bite to eat/sipping coffee/ hot and strong/ jukebox plays/ a country song."" Or: ""Heading out across the plains/checking mirror, changing lanes/past the farms and fields of wheat/through the rain so cool and sweet/ windshield wipers keeping time/lower gear to make the climb."" It's hard to imagine children actually attending to the words, and there's no particular reason they should (i.e., we go ""'round hairpin curves/with eagle eyes/ and steely nerves""); in the pictures, there's absolutely nothing to compel attention. But words and pictures together broadly approximate what trucking is like.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Crowell