DE-MANAGING AMERICA: The Final Revolution by Dick Corneulle

DE-MANAGING AMERICA: The Final Revolution

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The country is going to the dogs, as you may have noticed by now, and Dick Corneulle has figured out the thunderingly obvious reason why: ""Social management doesn't work."" The front-office boys have been wearing blinders while all this time our institutions are in crisis. Authoritarian society has broken down behind their three piece-suited backs. Slowly the ""invisible hands"" of the people must take over the show. What hope? Well, there's ""the indomitability of the human spirit"" to fall back on. Also, we could substitute a freer performance code for the wasteful step-by-step specifications code--let society's go-getters use their originality. Or, even though Corneulle didn't become an enlightened dropout until he quit his corporate vice presidency in 1969 to pursue a grant to write his new book, we could repeat (as he does) the thesis of his 1965 Reclaiming the American Dream which says that the commercial sector is more efficient than government bureaucracy. And if you think this review is simplistic, you should(n't) read the book.

Pub Date: June 11th, 1975
Publisher: Random House