PEPPER AND ALL THE LEGS by Dick Gackenbach


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In Claude and Pepper (1976), runaway dachshund Pepper was persuaded to return home because that's where you get love and care; but here it turns out that all he sees of his family is legs. ""He played with legs in sneakers and took long walks with legs in shoes. When he was hungry, it was usually the legs in sandals that fed him."" (As for that love, ""every night Pepper was lifted high above all the legs and given a goodnight hug."") Because his own legs are so short, Pepper can't climb upstairs like ""all his favorite legs"" do every night, but he does have a mess-making adventure up there one day after he manages to stow away in the laundry basket. Found by ""the sandals"" (Mom) in an overflowing bathtub, Pepper is scolded by ""the shoes"" (Dad) and ""the sneakers"" (boy) and exiled for the night to the garage--and ""he never tried to climb the stairs again."" Even the leg-level viewpoint is not that original, but it could catch small children's fancy--and keep them reacting with Pepper where the thin plot fails to engage.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Seabury