OMNI'S FUTURE MEDICAL ALMANAC by Dick & Patrice G. Adcroft--Eds. Teresi


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The brave new world of medicine. It's a world teeming with new concepts, such as electrotranquility (radio fields replacing Valium), nuclear magnetic resonance tests--only one of a coming new breed of supertests that includes positron emission tomography (involving radioactive molecules that are dispatched to enter the bloodstream)--and ""evoked potentials,"" which measure the electrical signals the brain gives off in response to external stimuli. OMNI magazine has for the past few years been in the forefront of future thought among American periodicals. This current offering is an expansion of some of the medical topics that were covered less completely in their OMNI Future Almanac. The almanac format enables the editors to bring out the best of writings on medical subjects as diverse as brain science, laser and nuclear medicine, bionics, genetics, sports medicine, and life extension. Teresi (author of The Three-Pound Universe) and Adcroft keep the reader's interest by ending each segment with a fascinating ""Time-Line"" which speculates on the particular advances in medicine over the next hundred years. Following the time line is an access guide citing addresses and phone numbers that curious readers may utilize to find further information on specific new research. A case where fact is stranger than science fiction--and far more beneficial to mankind.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1986
Publisher: McGraw-Hill