THE DARBY TRAIL by Dick Pearce


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Report repeated from page 369 of the June 15th bulletin, as follows: ""The trial of Claude Darby, an expatriate Englishman and a hypnotic demagogue, extends from the courtroom, where Tom Rogers is serving as Special Prosecutor, to Rogers' personal life with Sue, who- always secretive about her first husband, Powle, is now increasingly apprehensive. A first and most decisive witness is killed before he can testify, and another life is destroyed- in a different way- through the evidence turned up in the cross-examination. Rogers now uses every means of persuasion to secure Calvin, Darby's former secretary and a disappointed visionary, as a witness, but the pressure is too great and Calvin disappears. While at home, Sue, fearing that the facts which are now substantiated in some old papers of Powle's will ruin Tom, also disappears- but in so doing she provides the proof which will bring in the desired verdict of guilt... The insubstantial area of Communist influence and infiltration, the evasive nature of the subversive, and a likable couple, all provide a smooth entertainment synchronized with the times. S.E.P. serialization.

Publisher: Lippincott