STOP-ACTION by Dick & Robert W. Billings Butkus


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Another football player's interior monologue; this time it's linebacker Dick Butkus at the tape recorder, chronicling a disastrous season when the Chicago Bears couldn't do anything right. As the Bears slid inexorably downhill even Butkus, a brilliant, disciplined, aggressive player, began to experience the loser's torpor, the desire to get it all over with. And if you want to know how a man who's used to winning feels when he loses, the answer is bad, very bad. He spends time with his family, recalls old glories and concludes with a play-by-play description of the year's last (losing) game. Fans may relish this excursion through the locker room, but for all his pyrotechnics on the field, Butkus on the printed page lacks spark.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1972
Publisher: Dutton