TURNED ON by Dick Schapp


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This is the story of a nineteen year old society girl who ""turned on"" once too often and died from an overdose of heroin. The bizarre circumstances of her death hit the New York headlines and Mr. Schaap, a reporter for the World Journal Tribune has expanded his original article into a compelling book. He interviewed other addicts who put it where it's at, the attraction: ""Heroin satisfies all physical needs in one little package. It takes care of hunger, cold, thirst, pain, sex, you name it. And it simplifies matters. You just have to worry about this one thing. It's...it's like consolidating all your loans;"" the knowledgeable despair: ""You know, I, actually, I've got seven...seven heads. Seven people I introduced to heroin--dead. They're dead."" The case of Celeste Crenshaw is doubly tragic since technically it was murder. The overdose that killed her was shot into her arm by her fiance, Bob Friede, a peculiarly lonely, lost little rich boy with an inferiority complex almost as big as Celeste's. He lived with the body for thirteen days until the police found him sitting, strung out on another dose with the corpse in the trunk of his car. How, why did this happen? How do junkies get that way? Mr. Schaap tells it like it is, about the drug scene, and this should be read by every aspirant kickster. It will make them turn off.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1966
Publisher: New American Library