FORTUNE TRAIL by Dickson Reynolds


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The Fire Patrol. Brother Scouts. The Far Brigade etc. have all been stories set in the Pacific northwest at various periods of its history, and this is another- during the Klondike gold rush days, for a mining adventure that alternates between Spokane and Kootenay. Two brothers, Orville and Mark Hilyard, set out from their Dakota home- Orville first, without saying where he has gone. Weeks later, Mark gets a job with a shady broker, Sleeth, to go to Spokane where Sleeth sloughs off some worthless shares as a salary. Determined to see if the Silver Belle mine is really dead, Mark goes to Kootenay, finds Orville and enough in the Silver Belle to get them started in business in Spokane. Not Reynolds' best, this has the two boys slogging it out rather heavily. The picture of the times, though accurate, is well worn.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1954
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls