THE FIRE PATROL by Dickson Reynolds


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Fire fighting in the great timber lands of the Pacific Northwest provides the action for this story of the Junior Forest Wardens' Service. Don't let your young readers be discouraged by a slow start. By the third chapter, the story gathers momentum. There's variety of adventure,- a breath-taking encounter with a cougar, the villainy of a man who breaks the fire laws and starts a fire, a thrilling rescue from blazing woods. The boy has a nice understanding of wild life and imparts bits of nature lore in an interesting way. His boyish enthusiasm for his work as a fire-fighter, his indignation over carelessness of the average tourist, will not seem too intense to readers familiar with the Boy Scout training and the 4H Club codes of living and doing. The lack of illustrations is a distinct asset.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1949
Publisher: Nelson