PASTOR NIEMOLLER by Dietmar Schmidt


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It is not an easy thing to write a definitive biography about a controversial figure who is still living,but Dietmar Schmidt, a journalist who has been in close personal touch with Martin ller for the past ten years, has done his best. He presents Pastor ller as a fearless, forthright, even cantankerous prophet and evangelist who makes of friends, and friends of enemies in proclaiming the Christian gospel in contemporary terms that compel him to defy a Hitler, and embrace the Russian Christian, even though both are to his own hindrance. He sets his face adamantly against a re-armed Germany, and s any possible future war as inpably un-Christian in which no Christian may participate. But he emerges from this biography as a lovable, human person, frail as all men are frail, but strong in spirit as few men ever are. It is good to have some solid information about this man now, for there is much misinformation about him spread for and when. The definitive biography will have to wait, but 1st all who are inter contemporary Christian witness in a largely un-Christian world read this book to their great inspiration and profit.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1959
Publisher: Doubleday