SACRED HEART by Dietrich von Hildebrand


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The theme of this work, as the title implies, is the Sacred Heart of Jesus in relation to the human heart as the center of affective activity. The book has three parts, the titles of which are self-explanatory: The Role of the Human Heart, The Mystery of the Sacred Heart, and The Human Heart Transfigured. It is a work of ascetical theology rather than of popular spirituality and, as the author's theological eminence would lead us to suspect, there is much gold in these pages. Unfortunately , it is a gold so compounded with the dross of quasi-medieval allegory, so encrusted in the pietistic jargon of by-gone centuries, and so buried under a mass of archaic rhetoric, that it is hardly worth the mining. Gerald Vann has observed that ""one characteristic of what we may call the surgical school of devotional writers' is that the slightest mention of the heart seems to go, like strong wine, straight to the head.

Publisher: Helicon