SUPERTALK by Digby Diehl


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Good talk is always hard to come by, but Diehl, a journalist at the Los Angeles Times (where most of these interviews ran) is an intuitive listener (the questions in this Q & A format are so deceptively brief that we're never made to endure the ego of the interviewer a la Rex Reed) and he brings out the best in this dissimilar crew: Henry Miller on the occasion of his 81st birthday (and something of a prude) discusses how he approaches writing in an attitude of prayer; Huey Newton is sympathetic but wearisomely self-justifying; attorney Melvin Belli, well, Belli is Belli, a boor; Dory Previn, funky and sad after Andre has left her for Mia. Dating these entries would have helped anchor them -- Clare Booth Luce, with the arrogance of the early liberated, condescends to the women's movement (was the interview done before last year's revival of her sexist play The Women?), and how long before he was killed was the piece on racer Charles Revson of the Revlon empire written? Twenty-three talkers, not all of them super, but most with interesting things to say.

Pub Date: July 12th, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday