CLAUDIE'S KINFOLKS by Dillon Anderson


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On their uppers -- and on the up -- are these tales of Clinton Hightower's promotion of a fortune teller's predictions when he persuades Claudie Hughes to track down his Texas relatives. Claudie, who can do manual labor and sing bass, is generally agreeable but when he balks it usually turns out well and they proceed from Cousin Lafe Brim, where they tangle with the Ku Klux, to the lady poetess, to Aunt Minnie's will, to Lob Lolly Pine where they end up as bonded Mexican guides. A lady sheriff follows, then comes big shot Willie Smith who lands them at war with the Mexicans; they get to Fort Worth for Christmas and Galveston for a convention; they end up in a tent show where Cousin Effie helps Claudie put over his act with a fractious buffalo. Hopeful days and bright futures are the lure for Clint's active organizing and the art of visiting has here its unusual turns. I And Claudie (1953) and their fretting and their car and trailer continue their bumbling way. Amiable.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1954
Publisher: Little, Brown-A.M.P.