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Of these two, give me this one every time. The Stephen Lavra book may be sounder from the military viewpoint, it certainly includes many details of the campaign passed over in this book, but Remember Greece reflects Greece itself, her people, her spirit, her life. Three visitors, -- American, British, Greek, were on the island of Ioaria in August 1939; then in Athens, with the approach of the invasion of Poland. They share the story as it was experienced in Greece; there is something of Greek history and background and the steps leading to war; there is much of the way of life, the spirit of the people. There is the story of the good fight -- six months of holding back the flood. Of Italian and Bulgarian troops in occupation, under a puppet government, of robbery on an ambitious scale, of all resources of industry, food and supplies, in German hands; of conquest, massacre, famine, inflation. And still of sabotage and guerilla warfare -- a people's war going on through the months. Relief ships the second winter helped a trifle. Refugees continually escaped until there is now a Greek Brigade, while at home an underground press has never been stilled. A small book, packed with significance.

ISBN: 1406749117
Publisher: Hastings House