HOMOSEXUALITY: Disease or Way of Life? by

HOMOSEXUALITY: Disease or Way of Life?

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Dr. Bergler, who has written a number of psychiatrically based and oriented discussion pieces- Conflict in Marriage, Divorce Won't Help, The Fevelt of the Middle -- Aged Man, etc. contends here that homosexuality is not a ""way of life"" but a ""neurotie distortion of personality"". As such, it can be cured, predicating a desire on the part of the patient to be cured. He also argues that there are no -sexuals, those who engage in marriage have done so as a convenient camouflage for their homosexuality. The genesis of homosexuality, in early childhood; the ten telltale of the homosexual; the types of homosexuality are all developed from his own analytic case-work through the years or from literature-Wilde, Stendhal, Proust provide a full exposition of his theories. And Kinsey's misleading report- the ""normality"" of homosexuality- is attacked at length.... All of Dr. Bergler's psychiatry may not be acceptable, but certainly his point- that homosexuality is a disease which can be treated- will offer a direction for those engaged directly, or indirectly, with the problem.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1956
Publisher: Hill & Wang