REFORMERS by Diogenes Laputa


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Laputa (Manhattan Mortar Attacks, 2011) sets the stage for a battle royale as the biggest and baddest wrestlers in the land vow to body slam the corrupt Democratic Party and their evil tag-team partners in the media.

In the vein of outrageous right wing commentators like the late Andrew Breitbart, this absurdist send-up of Democrats, TV news personalities and anti–global warming activists cuts to the quick of modern-day partisan politics. In this alternate reality based very loosely on the satirical styling of Jonathan Swift, the claw-handed and ridiculously rapacious Senator Prancy Buglosi lords over a Democratic majority in Congress while a hoard of sycophantic staffers secretly attend to her many private perversities. Twisted TV newscasters Paul Pitbull, Crass Splatyou, Weighty Yorick and Martha Madcow (an anthropomorphized bovine who secretes news “milk” from one of three oozing teats) are all in league with the imperious Buglosi. Their biggest fraud being perpetrated is not global warming, but global spinning. The Grand Old Party has largely been sidelined, it seems, and a team of jug-headed wrestlers are the only nonelitists left who are hip to the con job and determined to put a stop it. They conspire to take over Congress, rip out the rostrums and settle political questions in a newly constructed wrestling ring. The plot, such as it is, is the literary equivalent to an Ed Wood flick—but without the earnestness. And where the great Swift was perceptively sly, the book’s attempt at satire results in prose that often comes across as sophomoric, self-satisfied and glib. Ugly references to burning logs of pubic hair and rapes committed with the aid of a crowbar will likely be too vulgar and offensive for some readers, as well.

An often offensive attack on an imaginary left wing, suitable for only the most partisan of crowds.

Pub Date: Dec. 28th, 2011
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Program: Kirkus Indie
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