THE YOUNG VOYAGEUR by Dirk Gringhuis


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A familiar author-artist for the younger age group (see Here Comes The Book-mobile and Talip Time) turns to the teens for a well-wrought story of fur trading. In the days just after the French and Indian Wars animosities ran high, especially between the English and the Indians. Despite this situation, Danny O'Hara, a Detroit boy, joins his hero the voagur Jacques LeBlanc, for a trading trek west to Fort Michilimackinac where Danny is to be Jacques' clerk for the winter. He soon gains an enemy in the Wyandotte Joe Loup, who is ousted from his job as Danny takes over. Then there is the massacre by Pontiac in which Jacques is killed and Danny is taken captive by Chippewas. They, however, are more friendly to him than another tribe would have been, and his experience is broadened before he leaves them to fight with Sir William Johnson, and, at home again, to find that Jacques has willed him his trade.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1955
Publisher: Whittlesey House- McGraw-Hill