OF CABBAGE AND CATTLE: The Story of America's Farms by Dirk Gringhuls

OF CABBAGE AND CATTLE: The Story of America's Farms

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Here is a great deal of pertinent information about America's farms, from the primitive beginnings learned from the Indian to the modern mechanized farm. All types of farms are included dairy, poultry, livestock, cotton, tobacco; various breeds of cattle and poultry are assessed with their special values. Illustrations- woodblock type to two colors help clarify some of the details. And yet, the sum total is not wholly satisfactory, though the parts are excellent. Some of the fault lies in the continuous text, broken by pictures (and identifying captions), but not divided either into areas of agriculture or types of farms, except as one makes one's own divisions in the process of reading. With no index, no table of contents, no sub-heads, this makes the book useful as general reading, but difficult to use for specific information.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1962
Publisher: Dial