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From the Wells of Sorcery Trilogy series, volume 3

by Django Wexler

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-7653-9731-7
Publisher: Tor Teen

With the ghost ship under her control, Isoka is finally on her way back home in this follow-up to City of Stone and Silence (2020).

Isoka, along with her female partner, Meroe, and mage-blood friends Jack and Zarun, is on her way back to her home city, Kahnzoka. By capturing the Soliton, she has fulfilled her end of Kuon Naga’s deal and is ready to save her 14-year-old sister, Tori. Their plan to sneak in and out undetected goes awry when they arrive to discover Kahnzoka under siege and Tori, with her mind-control magic, at the head of a rebellion. But neither sister is the same person as when Isoka left on the Soliton, creating misunderstandings and complicated feelings between them. Their reunion is cut short when Kuon Naga’s Immortals, a group of elite mage-bloods, kidnap Tori. Isoka and her crew get drawn into Tori and the rebels’ fight to free their home city. Alternating between the two sisters’ perspectives, this trilogy closer dives deeper into the responsibility for and inner workings of the rebellion and conflict with Kuon Naga. Even with many intense action scenes and a storyline that keeps the pages turning, there is a greater focus on the strategy and politics of the Empire that fleshes out the worldbuilding. As before, the characters are diverse in ethnicity and sexuality.

A fast-paced, compelling conclusion to this fantasy saga.

(map) (Fantasy. 14-adult)