INTERN by Doctor X
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This day (and up all night) book, which the author taped at the time, is a chronology of an intern's year in one of the best training hospitals in the Southwest. It is also a likable, outspoken inside perspective of clinical casework and , as such, has as healthy a fascination as anything which has been written about medicine. This is the critical year in a doctor's life when he sometimes commits the nearly fatal gaffe (""the lesson you have to learn by getting nailed""). There are the real crash emergencies. There are also the patients you overlook, or the ones you give up on-- too easily. From Medicine I through Surgery, OB and finally Pediatrics, one follows the cases which come in and sometimes ""go out on you""; others which will be coming back, and back; the temporizing, delaying actions against the ""Bad Disease""-- etc., etc. Then there are the doctors, those who grandstand, those who funk in an emergency, the OB men who only use the intern for their scut work (or circumcisions), and others who give him a chance to really learn. And from the larger dramas, there are the smaller irritations; the night ""piss"" and pill calls; the ""barbarous"" weekends when the caseload is doubled. It's all there, with no ampitheatrics, a good deal of life and/or death in suspension, some drastic table procedures and the writer's scalpel -sharp observations... For a predisposed market (but TV has done the work-up), this is a lot of medicine, all easy to take. It also commits considerable human interest.

Publisher: Harper & Row