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From the Galahad series, volume 6

by Dom Testa

Age Range: 13 - 17

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2112-1
Publisher: Tor

The starship Galahad left Earth on a mission with the last remnants of humankind: 250 teens chosen for their intellect, their areas of expertise and their ability to survive.

It’s been a year since lift off from a dying planet. Traveling to the closest star system capable of supporting human life, these teens have already dealt with sabotage, alien life forms, on-board romances, power plays among the crew and the death of one of their own. But they now face their biggest challenge yet. Galahad is breaking down around them and will disintegrate in a matter of days if they can’t escape this sector of space. A new alien species, the Dollovit, has offered to guide the Galahad through a worm hole to deliver them to their destination—for a price. Even more threatening is the discovery of a virus inserted into the ship’s operating software that might cause her to explode at any time. Are the Dollovit friends or foe? Will the ship’s crew stay united or split into factions? Will they arrive at their destination in time to disembark or blow up just when their new life is in sight? Testa knows how to keep the pages turning. An author's note assuring teens they can be both cool and smart at the same time and reader's guide round out the book.

While this is the conclusion of this particular voyage, there is enough material left to make Galahad fans hope there may be more: It’s a new future out there. (Science fiction. 13-17)