ONE LAST NIGHT by Domenic Cascio


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Meet, if you're in a sleazy and sentimental mood, a charming pair named Caroline and Greg. Caroline's this terrifically witty ex-model, a rich Manhattan unhappy wife just back from Reno, whose repartee consists principally of ""you're full of shit."" Greg is warm and macho, and when he and Caroline meet in a Greenwich Village boozery, he says he'll ""bet you one penny to a thousand dollars that I'm the best fuck in this bar."" Well, Caroline certainly gets an opportunity to find out if that's accurate since half of this stupefying little book is the hard-core rundown of Greg and Caroline's endless one-night stand. But, wait! Lest you suspicion that there's no redeeming social significance in the above-mentioned porn, you must know why Caroline and Greg are so insatiably horny--so author Cascio tells you, in flashbacks that alternate with the dope-and-grope. There's Caroline's miserable, violent, Nembutol marriage (and recent attempt at divorce)--and Greg's case is even heavier: his druggie daughter wandered fatally into traffic while under the influence. So is it any wonder that these two ""forsaken children"" start to fall a little bit in love when they come up for air? last Tango in Paris--without the tango, or Paris, or Brando, or Bertolucci, or Maria Schneider. . . .

Pub Date: June 26th, 1978
Publisher: Dutton