THE THIRTIES: A Time to Remember by Don-Ed. Congdon

THE THIRTIES: A Time to Remember

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The '30's, a period of ""particular ferment"", reform, change and forceful leadership- when ""so much happened in so many directions""-offer an object lesson, if only in contrast, for today and it is the editorial intention that they may prove invigorating to the ""heel draggers and nay-sayers""- the young. This highlights many of the phenomena and personalities of the country as it came out of the depression, with all its attendant changes; ranges from mill towns to the coal fields to the cities, and from the overall perspective of poverty and unemployment concentrates on the specifies to which they led,- relief, the Bonus Army, etc. The lively arts are included: the theatre, the movies, jazz, along with sports (baseball, the prize ring, Babe Didrikson) and books; there's the Scottsboro case and the Lindbergh case; fashion; flying; and of course, the emergence and the dominance of FDR and the many reforms he initiated.... This material has been excerpted from magazines and books, and the high quality of the material is attested to by the presence of Dixon Wecter, Louis Adamic, Malcolm Cowley, Arthur Schlesinger, Frederick Lewis Allen, etc., among the cavalcade of conributors. A collection of considerable magnitude, excellence and general entertainment value.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Simon & Schuster