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CORDUROY by Don Freeman


by Don Freeman illustrated by Don Freeman

Pub Date: March 1st, 1968
ISBN: 978-0-14-050173-5
Publisher: Viking

A bear missing a button looks shopworn, so Corduroy sets out after the department store closes to find his. Up an escalator ("I think I've always wanted to climb a mountain") onto a floor filled with tables and chairs and rows and rows of beds ("I guess I've always wanted to live in a palace") where he finds a mattress button that pulls off with a POP, tumbling him into a table lamp. The crash brings the night watchman who returns Corduroy to his shelf, still unbuttoned. But a little girl wants him badly enough to empty her piggy bank and he goes home to a bed just the right size and, to make him more comfortable, a button to fasten his shoulder strap. Corduroy and Lisa break the spell by talking to each other but otherwise it's the sort of predicament that children recognize, made more poignant by the plea in Corduroy's eyes.