MR. WICKER'S WAR by Don Rose


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A representative American family in which John Wicker, veteran of the last war, maintains his right to criticize, to be annoyed, to be indignant, to argue his principles in the existing state of affairs, sets the mirror up to many of the changes typical of the country at large. Wicker is a small business man; there are priorities for his printing business, there is the confusion of this war's geography, there is shipping, blackouts, scrap salvage, war industries, women in war work, rationing, morale ""for the boys"", victory gardening, the ban on driving, train travel as a sounding board for public opinion. Gradually, circumstances change John's views and he signs on ""for the duration"". Gruff humor and recognizable human frailties.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1943
Publisher: Macrae Smith