HOW TO GET ALONG WITH AUTOMATION by Donald A. & Eleanor C. Laird


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This is surely one of the most easygoing, readable accounts of what to expect of a future automated far beyond the point it is today. The book's quiet emphasis is on the fact that automation is not a mechanical ogre waiting to rend the labor force at some distant date. Increasing automation at home, office, business, factory and farm is neatly charted from the 15th century to the present. What this has meant is demonstrated clearly: a move away from individual crafts; from family directed enterprises; and ""As automation began to race ahead in our century so did loneliness"". The last factor receives careful attention in terms of what has happened and will happen with psychological and social hungers that cannot be fed by machine to a working force. The fundamentals of computer systems, automation and ""the problems and opportunities"" it brings is covered in anecdotal essays that should be of value especially to employers and of interest to concerned laymen.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill