GROWING UP HEALTHY: A Parent's Guide to Good Nutrition by

GROWING UP HEALTHY: A Parent's Guide to Good Nutrition

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Another commendable nutrition primer for parents--this time with a focus on the infant from conception to weaning, and with a special look at nutrition-and-illness. Winick, director of Columbia Presbyterian's Institute of Human Nutrition, stresses again that everything we're learning about adult eating problems points to the absolute necessity of sound nutrition from the beginning of life. When (and whether) the new mother tries to lose weight, how solid foods are started, whether or not a child has had the nutritional and non-nutritional benefits of breastfeeding (immunity against various diseases, protection from obesity)--all will affect children later in life. Winick continues through to adolescence, at each stage of development answering two questions: What nutrients does the child require? What foods is the child's body mature enough to accept in order to get them? He may be too lenient towards children's love for soda: since grown-ups have ""fun"" drinks, he reasons, which are all alcoholic, soda in different colors and flavors may slow teens' ""entrance into the world of alcohol."" His chapter on nutrition during and after some common childhood illnesses is fine, though; he looks at conditions requiring nutritional support (fevers, surgery), at common injuries (vitamin c and/or calcium may be in extra demand), and at illnesses caused by foods or the lack of them. With this extra coverage, then, a good overview--though Dr. Eden's Diet and Nutrition Program for Children (1980, p. 1491) still comes out ahead for its in-depth understanding of the foibles of all ages and how they can be overcome.

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 1981
Publisher: Morrow