CAPTAIN ADAM by Donald Barr Chidsey


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1702 and the schooner Goodwill To Men, readied for her first trip under her new Captain, Adam Long, 23, who helped to design her, nearly stays in Newport when Adam displeases Deborah by his refusal to marry her. Adam kidnaps the ship, makes a successful deal with his dried eels when he takes the Honorable Maisie de Lynn Tread-way-Paul as his passenger. Evading threats of boarding by coasters, they are at last taken by the pirates of Providence Island, in the Bahamas where Adam proves his prowess and effects an escape; he avenges Maisie's honor in London and breaks up a gang that kidnaps children; he is marooned and saved by Maisie's selling herself to his enemy; and recognizing that his belief that he is the son of the Earl of Tillinghast is false, he returns to Newport -- to fame and Deborah. A right chirk piece of swashbuckling, as bold and noisy as the times.

Publisher: Crown