SPORTSMAN'S COUNTRY by Donald C. Peattie


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Random pieces, brought together to give a once over lightly portrait of the sportsman's country accessible to everyman. To Americans living east of the Appalachians- farm and field, woodlot and fence row, there's that popular game bird, the Bob-white... The hardwood forests- or the modern equivalent- provide home acreage for the gray squirrels....Highborn waters, rushing music, leaf-brown pools- trout country, east and west, they are common property to wet-fly fishermen in early spring, to dry-fly worshippers later on... Brushland from western Wisconsin down to the southwest, is homeland for Jack rabbit, free conscience game for a real sportsman...More limited (and probably soon to be protected) is the valley quail, upland game bird of the Golden State... Anybody's meat- and good sport too- is the eastern woodchuck, with his kin west to the Missouri- nuisance of the farmer wherever he is found...Desert birds, quail and dove, less numerous than of old, but good sport in season in the desert land of the southwest...Our lakes for rod and reel, the black bass a tempting goal...The mule deer, most dramatic, most numerous of his kind in far stretches from the Rockies west, with the Sierra Nevada as typical range...Red fox, good sport that he is, is the traditional quarry of a sport almost as old in America as in England, with tidewater, piedmont and Blue Ridge his favorite ground. Hawk country is continent wide, but actually it should be the Cooper hawk that is dreaded and pursued, while others- friends of man- be allowed their way...Finally, the marshlands, haven of sportsmen and trappers and naturalists, half-world of land and water, host to birds and fish and rodents... Few can rival Peattie in his poetic flow of language which takes one into the heart-beat of the subject he has chosen as his own.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin