DANDO SHAFT! by Donald Calhoun


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Humor in the '60's seems to be two-tone colorfast in every Southern exposure-- it's either black (Strangelove, etc.) or flesh pink (Candy). This is flesh pink or lewd nude. It's also an untrammeled farce about Dando Shaft (real Fun nomenclature), a wordsmith on a Madison Avenue dog food account, married to Sue, but in a constant state of temptation elsewhere. He is also bombed a good deal of the time which accounts for his flier now when he decides to launch himself as ""Everyman's millionaire"" via an ad asking for nationwide contributions. They forthcome: so does Life, Paar, and a TV show of his own; so does Bunny Fairchild, a little blonde first met on the commuter train; and so does lots of trouble. Sheer animal spirits will have to put this across to a Playboy Club type membership-readership.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1965
Publisher: Stein & Day