SINGING IN THE WILDERNESS by Donald Culross Peattie
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A living story of a living human being -- this biography of John James Audubon. This is a biography of the spirit of the man, rather than a record of bones and flesh. The story is simply told, from the lad's first interest in his first bird, to the wanderings in America, the love affair, marriage and hardships, the long struggle for recognition. With his triumph as a genius in London, Audubon ceases to inspire his biographer, and the story ends there. No other living writer could have been chosen who could handle this subject so perfectly as Donald Peattie, author of An Almanac for Moderns. A naturalist in his own right, a painstaking and careful historian, he was admirably equipped. A number of plates of Audubon drawings included, frontis in color. Appeal -- to all bird lovers, of all ages, to all nature lovers.

Publisher: Putnam -- Minton, Balch