THE FLOWERING EARTH by Donald Culross Peattie


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The evolution of plant life could be handled by nobody else than Peattie in such a way as to make it fascinating even to the neophyte. Glimpses into a strange new world, whole passages that are beyond one's depth, unless it is familiar territory, but with other passages so rewarding that it is worth the venture. He makes one share his own sense of adventure, and his chapter on the Coastal sequoias and the Big Trees of the Sierra Nevadas is memorable. Peattie has an inimitable style; he weaves his philosophy into his scholarship. This is not a book for everyone, but it deserves the appreciative attention of those who loved An Almanac for Moderns. But its real sale will be to naturalists, botanists and those to whom the way of the plant world is known territory.

Publisher: Putnam