KREMLIN TARGET: U.S.A. by Donald Dunham


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To few aware citizens is it news that the Russians have repeatedly denounced the U.S. as a nation of ""warmongers"" and ""imperialists""; that the Communists proclaim the inevitable triumph of their system; that the Soviet apparatus has made political capital out of such incidents as the U-2 flights, that the U.S.S.R. has sought to embarrass the West whenever possible at the U.N.; that Tass is an official government agency; that propaganda is regarded by the Russians as a means to achieving Communist dominance throughout the world. If all this comes as a surprise, to those readers this is a deserving book. More sophisticated and informed readers might well pause before spending time on a work by a former U.S.I.A. employee who was tossed out of Rumania by the Communists a decade ago and went to work for a private anti Bolshevik committee. For he has produced an astonishingly one-dimensional book about a multi-dimensional subject. He ignores the effect on Western solidarity of clumsy Kremlin propaganda; he ignores too the fact that nuclear weapons have brought about deep modifications of the Communist theory. The author identifies the Communist takeover in Rumania with recent events in Cuba, locking both countries identically into the Soviet orbit, ignoring the role of the Red Army in one case and geographical dissimilarity and location in the other. An attempt to spring Rumania loose by force could produce World War III. U.S. could if it chose topple Castro tomorrow without a Russian atom-bombing of New York by nightfall. One point the book makes which cannot be made too often is that the Russians have conveyed to backward nations the notion that they represent freedom and ; the U.S. has failed to this and something should be done about it.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1961
Publisher: Ives Washburn