MEN OF SHERWOOD by Donald E. Cooke


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Devotees of Robin Hood need not reread his adventures for the ""umpteenth"" time in order to be re-transported to Sherwood Forest. The author of The Silver Horn of Robin Hood now borrows many of the same characters and places them in a series of similar adventures. The major change is the hero. This time he is Robin's successor, Arthur Fitzhooth, an expert marksman and hunted son of a baron. Like Robin he is pledged to the cause of justice and with many of the members of the original band he stalks Sherwood Forest, righting the wrongs of those who have been plundered and pillaged. This is an exuberant, if not a wholly original, fast-paced narrative, charged with the spirit of the era.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1961
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston