MAKING THE WORDS STAND STILL: How to Rescue the Learning Disabled Child by Donald E. Lyman

MAKING THE WORDS STAND STILL: How to Rescue the Learning Disabled Child

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A useful and practical guide to the reality of learning disabled children and how to teach them. Teachers and parents of such students can benefit from Lyman's wide and penetrating observations. These children swim in the ""great seas of existence"" and tend to sink in it unless helped. Their bodies, minds and often their spiritual powers are maimed by the usual approaches. The author was once one of them and is unusually sensitive to the agonies they undergo as letters, words and symbols shift, change and metamorphosize and in the end evade them. Their bodies and minds twitch in nervous ferment. Despite the difficulty they face, they can be successful if handled correctly. Lyman is eager to show how it can be done. The concerned parent will find much in this book to illumine the problem. There are lessons, tricks, concepts, good sense and humanity galore. He dispels the murkiness that so plagues this area and brings hope to those faced with these ""problem"" children. This book can do more for a young teacher than most special education courses and much of the literature on the learning disabled. It offers a way out and a road to a brighter future for many. To his credit, Lyman likes the kids and finds their disability often is accompanied by great sensitivity, joy and energy which can eventually help them become wonderful adults. His great-heartedness is joined with an invigorating sense of purpose.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1985
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin